More Reasons to Hire a Yacht for Your Holiday

It’s time to go on a summer holiday and the first option on your mind is to go to the beach and do island hopping. There are thousands of destinations that you can do this and what better way to enjoy it than to hire a yacht? Many people ask why they would hire one while they can get other cheaper water vessels to move around in. 

  • They are Cost-Effective

In most scenarios, yachts are not as expensive as many tend to think. The price is cost-effective when you are many and you want the vessel to be at your disposal. When hiring one, you can avoid those expensive ones that are associated with the wealthy by searching for those that are more affordable. 

  • A Great Chance to Learn to Sail

If it is your first time to sail or you are a beginner, hiring a yacht for your holiday gives you a chance to learn, although you might be required to hire a skipper separately.  Since these vessels are luxurious and they are at your disposal when you hire them, in most cases you will be accommodated by the yacht charter company.

  • You Enjoy Flexibility

Most yacht charter companies have an allotted cruising area. This is the area that you should cruise within. The beauty of hiring a yacht is that you can cruise within this area as long as you want regardless of how long you want to do it. It gives an amazing experience as you cruise the waters, take in a cool breeze, enjoy scenic views and gets lost in the world of tranquility. You are flexible with how you want to cruise and spend your time.

  • Different Types of Yachts to Choose from

Whether you want a high-performing or a classic sailing yacht, or you are fascinated by skippered ones, you can hire them for your holiday. It all depends on your preferences and affordability as well as whether you want to be the captain or hire one.

You can actually sail your own yacht even when you are a beginner. What an amazing way to spend a vacation hopping from one island to the other. By hiring a skipper who guides you as you sail the boat, there will be endless opportunities while you are in the waters. Enjoy flexibility, get a chance to learn and hire an affordable yacht.

Explore the Kenyan Coast on a Spice Ship

Mombasa is a city in Kenya that is in history as being where the Persians, Portuguese, Arab and Indian traders started exploring the coast of East Africa. This means that it is a city that is rich both historically and culturally. Fort Jesus, a building that has a rich history dominates the city. It was built by the Portuguese back in the 16th century.

Spice Ships

At the old harbor of Mombasa, you can board a space ship to explore the coast whether you want to head south to Zanzibar or north towards Lamu. In each route, the scenes are spectacular as you see the surroundings from a different ago. It is both an adventurous and romantic way to explore the coast.

Towards the Lamu Archipelago

This is the place to be when you want to experience what a Swahili city is all about. This is a unique city in all aspects and a sure way of understanding the Swahili culture. Once you arrive at the Lamu harbor, you will get a glimpse of how life was centuries ago and how it has changed in the modern-day. The narrow streets of the city are explored while riding donkeys. The cuisine here is sumptuous and you can smell spices at every corner. There are airy courtyards, rounded houses, and palm streets.

Unwind in Diani

To the south of Mombasa, you will find the famous Diani beach. This is the area where you will find the Shimba Hills National Reserve and white sandy beaches as well as Swahili-chic resorts. Explore the ocean and enjoy fresh seafood prepared as you watch at the Charlie Claws in Wasini Island. This is a perfect spot when you want to engage in watersports activities. Apart from Shimba Hills National Reserve, the Colobus Trust gives you more opportunities to see wildlife. This is the home to the Angolan Black and White Colobus monkeys.

Head Down to Kaya Kinondo

Former home to the Digo community, Kaya Kinondo is a sacred forest. Also known as kaya in the local language, most of the communal and religious activities are held here by the Digo Mijikenda tribe.

The Kenyan coast is always thriving with activities whether you just want to explore it, engage in water sports, unwind or just learn about its rich historical and cultural heritage. With something for everyone, all you can learn to remember about the coast are memorable experiences.

Going Camping this Season? Keep Off Pests

Going camping with friends or family is a great idea. It gives a totally different experience from what you get in hotels. Despite the amazing experience you get when you pitch your tent, there are different challenges such as dealing with pests. It’s important that campers learn how to keep off pests that may frustrate their vacation.


You pitch your tent when it’s dry and this is a time that snakes are active. You may not stop them from slithering in the proximity of your tent but you can avoid them. It’s of paramount importance when going on a camping vacation and in life generally, you learn how to handle snake bites. It saves a life. 


Mosquitoes are a nuisance and they really tamper with your comfort. This is worse when you are on a camping vacation. You are outdoors and prone to mosquito bites. There are several ways you can minimize the effects of these insects. One is using a mosquito net while sleeping, you can use citronella candles and you can apply mosquito repellent on your skin. Even when they are buzzing around, they will not harm you. 

You do not want pests to spoil the fun when you go on a camping vacation. Imagine not being able to sleep when insects invade your tent. Having to fight mosquitoes every night, not being able to enjoy your meal due to flies or being woken up by raccoons! It’s frustrating and thus when you want to make the best out of your camping vacation, you need to keep off pests from your tent. 

Skunks and Raccoons

Although raccoons and skunks are known to be harmless unless cornered, it’s good to keep them away from your tent. However, they can be quite frustrating as they try to get food from your tent. They can make you have sleepless nights considering that they will mostly appear at night. Try to cover your food and do not leave anything edible outside your tent as they may end up being attracted more to it.

Pests can turn your camping experience into a nightmare. Besides losing your food, you could end up being harmed or having a bad experience. It is important you learn how to keep off pests without harming them. Apart from pests, you should also ensure that you can identify plants that could harm your skin such as stinging nettles and poison ivy.

Avoiding Airport-Related Stress

You are set to take your flight to your destination. Whether it’s your maiden flight or you are a frequent flyer, airports especially the huge ones can be stressful. Going through various security points, from counter to counter and from terminal to another to the boarding gate can be stressful. It is worse when you cannot trace your luggage or you don’t have your documents together. Organize yourself in advance to avoid airport-related stress. 

Check-In Online

Apart from the usual airport issues, arriving late for your flight will be more stressful. If you know you are running late or you want to reduce your waiting time at the counter, it will make a significant different to check-in online prior departure. Most airlines offer this service on their website and have self-service kiosks at the airport.

You just run your ticket and travel documents and you can proceed to the immigration. When at the check-in counter, look for a queue that is not long, the passengers ahead of you do not have many bags and does not have a family with kids. This will save you time. 

Leave Early

You should arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to your flight or even three. This is because you cannot predict what will happen on the road. Being stuck in heavy traffic means you will have limited time at the airport which increases stress or you will miss your flight. It’s a waste of time and you will spend more to change your flight. 

Ask for Directions 

It’s easy to get lost after you have checked-in and heading to the gate. Some people have been left behind after they got lost trying to find the boarding gate. It helps to ask the check-in staff or the uniformed agents on how to get to that specific gate and how long it will take. Being on the right direction will not only keep you away from airport stress, but it will also save you time.

Keep Your Documents Together

You should keep your travel documents together in advance. At least two days earlier and have them within reach as long as you are at the airport. From your passport, health certificates, visa to medical clearance forms if any, have them within reach. You do not want to get to the airport only to find out that some of your documents are missing. 

While at the airport and you feel nervous about your travel or you cannot find your way, do not be embarrassed to ask for assistance. It will save you time. 

Various Ways to Choose for Your Airport Transport

Having a friend or a family member take you or pick you up from the airport is a common thing. Although this is cost-effective and awesome to be dropped or be picked by someone you know, what happens when you are in a foreign country? You need a reliable way to move from one point to the other. There are various ways that you can get to and fro airport depending on what is available.


  • Airport Shuttle Services

If you are not in hurry and you are working on a tight budget, you should go for airport services where available. The advantage of using this mode of transport is that you will travel at reduced costs.

Although it is a cost-effective way to travel, you will be sharing the vehicle with other passengers and it will take you longer to reach your destination thus you have to be at the pickup point early.

  • Limousine Services

If you are looking for luxury in airport transfers, this would be the best option. It will definitely be pricier than other options you may have, but you will travel in style with a chauffeur designated just for you. To have the best price, check out the different limousines on offer and choose the most suitable.

There are the sedan limousines that can take up to 4 passengers while there are others that will take more than 16 passengers. Check with companies that have fleets of vehicles and make your reservations in advance. It is rare to find a limousine on standby.

  • Cab Services

In every airport, you will find cab services. It is actually the most common way to travel to and from an airport. Unlike limousines where you have to make reservations in advance, cab services are readily available and while some will charge a standard amount, others will use a meter to calculate the charges.

It is important you ask how you will be charged. For cab services, you have to pick a ticket to be assigned a car.

  • Train

This is one of the cheapest ways that you can go or leave the airport. Most locals opt for this but as a foreigner, you can also use it. It’s a great way as you will not be caught up in traffic running late for your flight. The most important thing is to know the timings of the train.

  • Public Transport

In most airports, you will find that there is an option for public transport. This is ideal if you do not have a lot of luggage. You will need more time on the road but it will be cheap for you.

Best Ways to Travel with a Pet

While some passengers will travel with their pets for emotional support, there are others who will go with their pets everywhere just to have them around. With a pet, you do not have to worry about whose hands you are leaving them in or if the animal boarding facility is the best option.

When you have to travel with your dog for whatever reason, it is important that you learn some tips in advance. 


  • Get the Pet a Permanent Identification 

This does not mean cutting a part of the pet’s ear for easy identification. No. There are various legit methods of a permanent identification that you can get such as a microchip. Anything could happen and the pet gets out of sight. With this kind of identification, it will be easy to be reunited with your pet. 


  • Secure the Pet

Pets are adventurous and it’s easy for them to wander off. Whether you are on a plane, a train, at the airport or on a bus, you should ensure that the pet is secured. When you do this, you will have the pet on sight, you will prevent injuries and you will be at peace knowing the pet is safe. 


  • Feed Them

Before leaving the house, the pet should be fed. The pet needs to eat from time to time. Packing food and water for the pet while traveling is recommended. Even when the journey seems short, the unexpected could happen.

You could be caught up in traffic or there could be delays in the travel arrangements. Your pet will be starving if you have no food.


  • Have a Pet First Aid Kit

When pets are injured, they need to be taken care of and before getting them to the vet, first aid should be administered. There are many occasions that the first aid kit could be needed. What should be in the kit?

There are shops selling a fully equipped kit that should have things such as gauze, bandages and hydrogen peroxide among some other small items. 




  • Be Informed

It’s good to be fully informed about transporting a pet when using a flight or public transport. While some airlines allow pet traveling in the cabin, others will only transport the pet as cargo. Know the conditions of traveling with a pet to avoid disappointments. 


  • Learn to Deal with Pets’ Anxiety

Your pet may become anxious when traveling by flight. You can prevent possible trauma by sedating them. Work with an expert to learn the safest way to sedate your pet. 


If you recently owned a pet and you travel often, you can have your pet along. Being fond of your pet is not uncommon and the best thing is that you do not have to be separated when traveling. Make prior arrangements and keep these tips in mind. 

What to do if you get arrested in a foreign country

The major reason why a lot of people travel is to have fun and experience new cultures. Of course, traveling can be fun and exciting if everything goes well. But if you get into trouble and you are arrested your fairytale daydream is going to turn into a nightmare within seconds.

Of course, there are laws governing your travel location. And if you happen to break any of those laws either knowingly or unknowingly, you are going to be in serious trouble. One tip that can reduce the odds of you being arresting in a foreign country is for you to do a detailed and extensive research about the region you plan to visit. Read the laws and principles governing the region.

Even more, when you get there, ask some of the locals who are friendly to you to tell you some of the thing you should avoid or the thing that get you arrested. If you are aware of the rule and regulations of your travel location, it will be easier for you keep them.

In Russia for example, you can get detained if you are traveling without an identification card. The police are going to ask you a whole lot of questions just because you are not with your identification card.

Whatever the reason for your arrest may be, the first thing you should do is to contact your embassy. But of course, you need to manage your expectation, because there are only a handful of things that your embassy can do for you. Below are some things you can expect them to do for you.

  • To contact your family members and pass important messages to them
  • To provide details and information on lawyers or interpreters if the need be.
  • They can help you get in touch with a charity organization that may be willing to help you financially.

As mentioned earlier, you need to keep your expectations low so that you will not be disappointed. One thing you need to have at the back of your mind is that your embassy is not going to provide direct legal assistance, evacuation, and immunity just because they got into trouble with the local police.

The best way for you to reduce the odds of you breaking a law in your travel destination is to brush up on the law of the area you plan to visit in advance. If you know anyone who has traveled to that country, you can ask them to share their experiences with you.

How you can stay creative while on a vacation

Very few people wake up by 5 am during their vacation. The reason for this is because vacation is a time for relaxation and fun. During a vacation, people normally wake up late and binge on their favorite food, snack, and drink coffee.

Productivity is practically ruled out of the picture when you are on a vacation. But the new thing you might see during your vacation might inspire the creativity in you and make you want to do something you have not really done before.

Some have been inspired to start a workout in a gym or run a couple of miles due to the people they encountered and mingle with during their trip and ultimately these new habits that have improved the quality of their life.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some ways you can stay creative during your vacation.

  1. Draw something

You don’t need to be a professional artist in order to draw something. When you see something that inspires you, bring out a drawing sheet and sketch it down. The things you can draw during your vacation are endless; it could be a street sign or statue. Whatever it turns out to be, draw a simple sketch on your drawing sheet.

  1. Photography

If you find sketching difficult, then you should try out photography. You can start by taking a photo of random things you see during your day. It could be a church, an alley, a car, people, houses, storefront and the list goes on and on. What can help you here is to train your eyes to be on the lookout for interesting things around you? The more you practice being conscious, the better you will get at noticing wonderful and inspiring things around you.

  1. Keep a journal

At the end of your day, write down your experience. This includes places you visited, the people you talked to, the food you ate, things you saw and emotion you felt. Pour out your thoughts and feelings as you write.

Even more, you can write a review on practically everything you saw during your trip. Reading the journal years after your trip will bring back the wonderful time you to your mind.

  1. Learn the local language

Of course, your goal is not to become a fluent speaker of the local language of your travel location. Rather learn a thing or two about it. English might not be the general language of your travel location, so it might be fun to learn how to say a thing or two in the local dialect or learn how to write your name in the local language.

  1. Capture the landscape

Make a commitment to capturing the landscape of your travel location each day. At the end of your trip, you will be glad you did. Of course, you don’t need a fancy camera to do this; you can use your phone.

As an example we recently travelled to Australia. As the country is really friggen’ huge we decided to buy a cheap car to get us around. We picked up a great deal by looking on Gumtree and found a great little get around car which took us from the Whitsundays all the way to Newcastle. We actually intended to make it to Sydney but the cheap old car didn’t make it. After taking it to the local mechanic he advised the repairs were going to cost more than we paid for it. So we ended up selling the car locally to a car removal company. This gave us enough money to get train to Sydney and continue our holiday. All in all we experienced some great landscape on this journey and we really got off the beaten track.

Vacation is a time for relaxation but being creative during your vacation will make you enjoy your trip even more.

Traveling by motorcycle! Tips for summer.

Freedom, feel the wind and be close to nature. Traveling by motorbike provides sensations that cannot be experienced in any other vehicle, but it is also exhausting and you have to know how to travel on two wheels. Carry the luggage, have the bike and the equipment in perfect condition, do not forget the documentation and hydrate very well are essential keys that will avoid problems in summer. In addition, as it is remembered in the following article, it is necessary to plan the departure with time and know how to dose to enjoy the journey.

Prepare the bike conscientiously

Before starting the trip by motorcycle, you should check the status of the motorbike that you will use to travel. It is important to anticipate the kilometers that will be made and where, in addition to controlling tire pressure and chain tension, as well as being well oiled. It is also essential to take oil levels well (engine, gearbox if necessary, etc.) and liquids (brakes, radiator, etc.) and the suspension adjusted.

Never without a helmet, jacket, boots, and pants

In summer it can be suffocating to get on the bike with all the equipment, but there are no excuses for neglecting safety. You cannot travel without a helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and trousers, shoulder protections, elbows and knees, espalier, etc., which must comply with European safety standards. If the temperatures are very high you can use refrigeration garments that have a reasonable price and allow you to reduce the body temperature by several degrees centigrade”.

Do not forget the documentation

Bring the roles of the driver, and the bike, in order: ID card and driving license in the first case and registration certificate and card Technical Vehicle Inspection for the bike. Although it is not mandatory to take them, it is advisable to include the receipt of the last municipal circulation tax and the compulsory insurance.


Not having any of these documents (or that are expired) can lead to fines in good quantity depending on the violation committed. In the case of not having an obligatory insurance in force, the situation is complicated.

Plan the trip well

In summer the ideal is to go to mountain areas, not only because motorcycles like to circulate more on winding roads, but to avoid the heat.

The heat can be very dangerous and, therefore, the central hours of the day should be avoided on the dates with higher temperatures and carry summer equipment, water or liquids that allow constant hydration. And if you travel at dusk in country or forest areas, you have to exercise caution, as it is common to run into wild animals and give more than one scare.

The suitcases of the motorbike

The rule of thumb when packing the motorcycle is “the less the better”. If you intend to do a lot of kilometers in a few days and go a lot on the bike, you will use very little street clothes. In these cases, it is advisable to think carefully about the changes and toiletries necessary to not carry more weight and volume than the precise one.


Travel Accessories that will prepare you for Anything

As we travel, we want it to be easy and worth the while. We bring things that are convenient to use. Most of them are for entertainment purpose. We spend leisure time sometimes by ourselves or with other people having materials or gadgets that capture the memories and experience that we have in our journey.

Just like any other adventurer people love to remember every moment of the travel that we have. Let me give you some travel accessories that will prepare you for anything anywhere.

Mini First Aid Kit

Have a small container where you can put band-aids, medicines, bandages, antiseptics and more that is needed for any illness or injury that will come your way whenever you go on a journey. This way you will be ready for anything hazardous anywhere you go.


I know most of us have mobile phones that we use for everyday communication. These phones have many usages as in texting, calling, taking pictures and more. Whenever you are bored you can also use this Smartphone for entertainment such as games, videos, and music. At night, it can give you light as a flashlight. A multipurpose gadget that is convenient to use. What more can you ask for?


Aside from the Smartphone, if you want clear and professional photos taken during your trip, use cameras. Like DSLRs, these gadgets will give the stunning and beautiful pictures of people as well as your surroundings. Sceneries, beaches, people and more can be taken gorgeously with such professional cameras.

Multipurpose Tools

These tools are a screwdriver, can opener, knife, mini scissors and more in one. An all in one tool that you can use whenever you are out. This is helpful when you are hiking or having an adventure in the wild.

Solar Power Kit

You’ll need this in charging your electronic gadget that is without batteries. Solar Kits are powered by Solar Energy is given by the sun which makes it durable and convenient to use anywhere as long as the sun is up. Always charge it in the morning for you to have back up power.

Sleep Kit

Always pack needed thing for you to sleep soundly when you travel. Like Eye shades and ear plugs. Or even a small pillow for you to lay your head on. This way you can take a nap or sleep anywhere comfortably. You can also bring sleeping bags if you’re sleeping outdoors in your travel.

Pouch for Documents Needed

When you are traveling for work or just for vacation, you will always have documents needed. Such things as Visas and passports or personal documents needed for employment should be kept in a waterproof and tight pouch. It should be as big as the documents or the documents should fit the container.

For me, these are the seven accessories needed for you to be prepared for anything. Be sure to pack these things for you to have a convenient and trouble-free trip. Have a great time everyone!