Explore the Kenyan Coast on a Spice Ship

Mombasa is a city in Kenya that is in history as being where the Persians, Portuguese, Arab and Indian traders started exploring the coast of East Africa. This means that it is a city that is rich both historically and culturally. Fort Jesus, a building that has a rich history dominates the city. It was built by the Portuguese back in the 16th century.

Spice Ships

At the old harbor of Mombasa, you can board a space ship to explore the coast whether you want to head south to Zanzibar or north towards Lamu. In each route, the scenes are spectacular as you see the surroundings from a different ago. It is both an adventurous and romantic way to explore the coast.

Towards the Lamu Archipelago

This is the place to be when you want to experience what a Swahili city is all about. This is a unique city in all aspects and a sure way of understanding the Swahili culture. Once you arrive at the Lamu harbor, you will get a glimpse of how life was centuries ago and how it has changed in the modern-day. The narrow streets of the city are explored while riding donkeys. The cuisine here is sumptuous and you can smell spices at every corner. There are airy courtyards, rounded houses, and palm streets.

Unwind in Diani

To the south of Mombasa, you will find the famous Diani beach. This is the area where you will find the Shimba Hills National Reserve and white sandy beaches as well as Swahili-chic resorts. Explore the ocean and enjoy fresh seafood prepared as you watch at the Charlie Claws in Wasini Island. This is a perfect spot when you want to engage in watersports activities. Apart from Shimba Hills National Reserve, the Colobus Trust gives you more opportunities to see wildlife. This is the home to the Angolan Black and White Colobus monkeys.

Head Down to Kaya Kinondo

Former home to the Digo community, Kaya Kinondo is a sacred forest. Also known as kaya in the local language, most of the communal and religious activities are held here by the Digo Mijikenda tribe.

The Kenyan coast is always thriving with activities whether you just want to explore it, engage in water sports, unwind or just learn about its rich historical and cultural heritage. With something for everyone, all you can learn to remember about the coast are memorable experiences.