Going Camping this Season? Keep Off Pests

Going camping with friends or family is a great idea. It gives a totally different experience from what you get in hotels. Despite the amazing experience you get when you pitch your tent, there are different challenges such as dealing with pests. It’s important that campers learn how to keep off pests that may frustrate their vacation.


You pitch your tent when it’s dry and this is a time that snakes are active. You may not stop them from slithering in the proximity of your tent but you can avoid them. It’s of paramount importance when going on a camping vacation and in life generally, you learn how to handle snake bites. It saves a life. 


Mosquitoes are a nuisance and they really tamper with your comfort. This is worse when you are on a camping vacation. You are outdoors and prone to mosquito bites. There are several ways you can minimize the effects of these insects. One is using a mosquito net while sleeping, you can use citronella candles and you can apply mosquito repellent on your skin. Even when they are buzzing around, they will not harm you. 

You do not want pests to spoil the fun when you go on a camping vacation. Imagine not being able to sleep when insects invade your tent. Having to fight mosquitoes every night, not being able to enjoy your meal due to flies or being woken up by raccoons! It’s frustrating and thus when you want to make the best out of your camping vacation, you need to keep off pests from your tent. 

Skunks and Raccoons

Although raccoons and skunks are known to be harmless unless cornered, it’s good to keep them away from your tent. However, they can be quite frustrating as they try to get food from your tent. They can make you have sleepless nights considering that they will mostly appear at night. Try to cover your food and do not leave anything edible outside your tent as they may end up being attracted more to it.

Pests can turn your camping experience into a nightmare. Besides losing your food, you could end up being harmed or having a bad experience. It is important you learn how to keep off pests without harming them. Apart from pests, you should also ensure that you can identify plants that could harm your skin such as stinging nettles and poison ivy.