Traveling by motorcycle! Tips for summer.

Freedom, feel the wind and be close to nature. Traveling by motorbike provides sensations that cannot be experienced in any other vehicle, but it is also exhausting and you have to know how to travel on two wheels. Carry the luggage, have the bike and the equipment in perfect condition, do not forget the documentation and hydrate very well are essential keys that will avoid problems in summer. In addition, as it is remembered in the following article, it is necessary to plan the departure with time and know how to dose to enjoy the journey.

Prepare the bike conscientiously

Before starting the trip by motorcycle, you should check the status of the motorbike that you will use to travel. It is important to anticipate the kilometers that will be made and where, in addition to controlling tire pressure and chain tension, as well as being well oiled. It is also essential to take oil levels well (engine, gearbox if necessary, etc.) and liquids (brakes, radiator, etc.) and the suspension adjusted.

Never without a helmet, jacket, boots, and pants

In summer it can be suffocating to get on the bike with all the equipment, but there are no excuses for neglecting safety. You cannot travel without a helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and trousers, shoulder protections, elbows and knees, espalier, etc., which must comply with European safety standards. If the temperatures are very high you can use refrigeration garments that have a reasonable price and allow you to reduce the body temperature by several degrees centigrade”.

Do not forget the documentation

Bring the roles of the driver, and the bike, in order: ID card and driving license in the first case and registration certificate and card Technical Vehicle Inspection for the bike. Although it is not mandatory to take them, it is advisable to include the receipt of the last municipal circulation tax and the compulsory insurance.


Not having any of these documents (or that are expired) can lead to fines in good quantity depending on the violation committed. In the case of not having an obligatory insurance in force, the situation is complicated.

Plan the trip well

In summer the ideal is to go to mountain areas, not only because motorcycles like to circulate more on winding roads, but to avoid the heat.

The heat can be very dangerous and, therefore, the central hours of the day should be avoided on the dates with higher temperatures and carry summer equipment, water or liquids that allow constant hydration. And if you travel at dusk in country or forest areas, you have to exercise caution, as it is common to run into wild animals and give more than one scare.

The suitcases of the motorbike

The rule of thumb when packing the motorcycle is “the less the better”. If you intend to do a lot of kilometers in a few days and go a lot on the bike, you will use very little street clothes. In these cases, it is advisable to think carefully about the changes and toiletries necessary to not carry more weight and volume than the precise one.